Media Clips & Quips

New Westminster Record – November 1st, 2017 (click image to read)


BC Business Magazine – Profile on Blogger Daniel Fontaine – July 1, 2011


CKNW Radio – Future of Work Series – April 28, 2017

Vancouver Sun – Opinion Piece – How to Improve Seniors Care in BC by Daniel Fontaine – March 2017

Vancouver Sun – Opinion Piece – A Plan to Reverse Labour Shortages in Seniors Care in BC – October 4, 2017 (click on image below)


Global TV News Profile – Daniel Fontaine – 2010 Olympics Where to Be For Free Guide

CBC TV News – Daniel Fontaine reacts to Snowmaggedon in Vancouver – 2008

CTV News – Daniel Fontaine responds to city pot hole damage

Daniel Fontaine reacts to new investments in seniors care in B.C.

CKNW Jill Bennett Show – March 2017


City TV News – March 2017

CBC TV Vancouver – March 2017

Global TV News – Daniel Fontaine comments on cross border shopping promotion


BC 1 – Global TV – Daniel Fontaine Interview re Future of Seniors Care in BC

CBC Radio On the Coast – Host Gloria Macarenko interviews Daniel Fontaine regarding seniors separated in a care home

CKNW’s Jill Bennett interviews Daniel Fontaine regarding issue of financial abuse of seniors in BC – November 5, 2017