After 38 years on New West School Board is it time for Ewen and others to retire?

A few days ago I wrote a post which asked whether it was time for the City of New Westminster to impose term limits on elected officials.

I jokingly argued that no politician should serve more than 30 years in public office – which of course would mean school trustee Michael Ewen would have to retire. If Ewen runs in the October election and serves out the full term, he will have spent 42 years as a school trustee.

My post triggered an interesting discussion on the popular Jill Bennett Show which airs every weekend morning on CKNW. If you want to listen to the audio, you can click on the two links below:

Clip 1

Clip 2





Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Is it time for Michael Ewen and other veteran members of council to make way for new ideas and a more balanced approach at city hall and the school board?