Ottawa Senator Kyle Turris supports campaign for new arena

Kyle Turris is a major NHL star playing for the Ottawa Senators.  Having grown up in New Westminster, he’s very familiar with the challenges and benefits of playing hockey and sports in our community.  He’s the latest person to sign on to the petition calling for the construction of a third arena in New Westminster.

“It would be great to add another rink in New West not just for the growing registration numbers, but also to help attract more kids to play hockey and lacrosse,” says Turris in a comment he posted online. “New Westminster is known for its great facilities and sports programs for kids. Adding another arena would enhance both of these aspects.”

“It would be great to add another rink in New West not just for the growing registration numbers, but also to help attract more kids to play hockey and lacrosse – Kyle Turris, Ottawa Senators hockey player

My son was thrilled to spend some time with Kyle Turris from the Ottawa Senators when he visited Queen’s Park Arena last year

The Record newspaper also wrote a major cover story this week about the push to build a third arena. The petition is now less than 40 signatures away from hitting the target of 500 people.

Bruce Turris is a volunteer coach with the New Westminster Minor Hockey Association and he also signed the petition. Turris states “Having another Arena in New Westminster is long overdue and will not only benefit the growing community but help attract more young hockey and lacrosse players in the coming years.”

Former NHL goalie and New Westminster resident Bill Ranford has also lent his support to the campaign. He states “New West needs another arena to support the growing population!”

Record newspaper provides front-page coverage of the drive to build a 3rd arena in New Westminster

There have been over 100 comments left online in support of the petition. They include the following from New Westminster resident Tiffany McNeney.

“In addition to supporting an additional arena, our city is in need of a complete overhaul of ALL sporting facilities, and action to remedy the lack of space for all athletic programs is needed immediately, this is has been in the discussion phase for far too long – it is time for action. The city has taken significant action to increase density, and therefore needs to respond to this by increasing the services, and space for facilities that offer these services, to this incredibly fast growing community.”

It’s been very gratifying to see this grassroots movement pick up steam since I launched the petition last month. I  never imagined so many people from within our community would have supported this initiative so quickly – and that  it would attract high profile support from people like Kyle Turris, Bill Ranford and Farhan Lalji.

I have yet to hear from the Mayor or Council regarding the petition, but I do intend on presenting it to them in person this summer – once we have reached our goal.

By the look of it, 500 signatures may only be a starting point! There is a good likelihood we can go beyond that soon. I’ll post more when additional news becomes available.