Coming out of write-irement will be fun!

Mobility pricing. Transit referendums. Affordable housing. Homelessness. Skyrocketing taxes. Density. Demovictions. Stripping away property rights.

After a few years away from my keyboard, there are simply too many good issues for me to write about these days. That’s my response when asked why after so many years “in retirement” I decided to start up my own civic affairs blog this month.

While my personal blog will not come anywhere near the breadth and scope of the wildly popular blog I launched and operated with Mike Klassen from 2008-2011…I’m certainly hoping it will attract a core group of followers who enjoy reading my take on city politics in the Metro Vancouver region.

I can’t make a commitment to posting something here on a regular basis, but I do hope to be back as often as time permits. This time around I’ll also be sticking a bit closer to home and covering more local stuff coming out of New Westminster City Hall.

As many of you know, in the last civic election the District Labour Council Slate made it a clean sweep. There wasn’t a single independent councillor elected to council.  Based on their voting record over the last few years, it shows.

While I may not have access to the same resources of the folks running city hall, it is my hope this blog can serve as a counter-point to some of the “group thinking” I’ve been witnessing take place at Royal & 6th Street these days. Where possible, this blog will also attempt to shed some light on the activities of other civic politicians in the Metro Vancouver region.

Most importantly, I want to use the blog as a forum to put forward new and progressive ideas regarding how we can and should build, manage and operate our cities better.

We don’t lack great ideas or resources to get things done in New Westminster and throughout our region. But sometimes we clearly lack the willingness to Make it Happen!

I’ll be back here soon to report on a proposal by New Westminster City Hall to strip away property rights from homeowners living in the Queen’s Park neighbourhood. It’s an initiative that has unnecessarily pitted neighbour against neighbour…and as a result, there will be lots more to write about this topic in the coming weeks.