New Westminster Caught Up in Olympic Pride

I took a walk in my neighbourhood yesterday and couldn’t help but notice how many people were beginning to decorate their homes with Canadian flags and Olympic rings. I snapped a shot of this home down the street which is now proudly demonstrating its support of our athletes. Let’s hope this spirit catches on throughout Metro Vancouver over the next few days. This morning I also found out that New Westminster’s Massey Theatre has been SOLD OUT for a special community screening of the 2010 Olympic Games opening ceremonies…

New Westminster resident Karen Baker-MacGrotty advises the 1250 seat theatre is now expected to be full of Games fans come this Friday. Baker-MacGrotty (who’s father used to be the Mayor of the City) is well known around town for demonstrating her community (and Games) spirit and has played a leadership role in the local 2010 Spirit Committee.

In fact, Karen and her husband David actually took it upon themselves to personally rent the Massey Theatre and get the whole event on track for this Friday. Now that’s Olympic spirit worth recognizing!

“Our committee held an event at the Royal City Mall yesterday where over 400 people showed up to demonstrate their support for the Games,” says Baker-MacGrotty. “We also gave away the last of our free tickets for the special screening of the opening ceremonies and we’re thrilled it will be a full house. This is a great demonstration of support for our athletes.”

Baker-MacGrotty advises a few free “stand-by” tickets will be available at the door (which opens at 4 pm) on a first-come-first-served basis. Sounds like this may be a great place to party! Kudos to Baker-MacGrotty and her New Westminster team. Well done! Check out our New Westminster pavilion for more information regarding what’s going on in the community during the Games.